We’re open for recruiting! All students, regardless of graduating class and academic backgrounds, are encouraged to apply. We also highly encourage you to check out our ‘Team’ page for members you would like to coffee chat!

Fall 2019 Recruitment Timeline

9/16 6:30-7:30pm Information Session 1 @ Warren Hall B51

9/17 6:30-7:30pm Information Session 2 @ Sage Hall B11

9/19 11:59pm Online Application Due

9/22 8AM Final Interviews (for selected applicants)

In order to submit your application, download and complete the Powerpoint below, and send it to

For questions or concerns, please email our

VP of Membership Jonathan Xue at

Tips for Applying


Many new students have difficulty crafting their first resume, especially if they don't have prior professional experience. Here are some questions that may get you started and will help us understand you as a driven student who cares:

  • Have you worked on some really cool projects?

  • Have you ever balanced school, life, and a part-time job?

  • Are you involved in your communities? How?

  • Do you have volunteering or service learning experience?

  • Are you a self-taught coder? Beatboxer? Underwater basket-weaver? What skills have you learned inside or outside of the classroom?

  • Have you ever managed a group of people to get something done?

Written Application

We want to make sure we really get to know you. There are three primary components to our written application. 

  1. Social Issues
    Do you think deeply about complex social issues? Show us.

  2. Project Choice
    We recommend attending our information sessions to learn more about the projects we have lined up for this semester.

  3. Teamwork and Skills
    We've all worked in groups before. What role do you play? What skills - soft or technical - would you like to learn by joining our team? Try to be specific so we can support you in getting there.


If you are invited to our interview round, bring your best self.

We don't believe any student should be prohibited from joining extracurricular activities because they don't own the right clothes yet. That's why our dress code is going to be strictly campus casual.

Campus casual means dressing like you're making a good first impression on your first day of class. Jeans, skirts, dresses alike are welcome.

Do NOT arrive to our interview round in business attire.